Welcome! Creative Histories is a project of Queensland artist Judy Barrass. It seeks to connect artists with  heritage, museums and collections to create and document fresh ways of interpreting, commenting on or presenting history. The blog is a space  to document various projects that demonstrate  what happens when artists focus their attention on collections, museums and historical places. It is also intended as a resource for artists and for museums who may be interested in the processes of working with artists to renew or invigorate the interface between history and the general community.

The blog was originally set up in 2010 as a record of Collective Insites, a creative history project at Gatakers Artspace in Maryborough in Queensland, Australia. Over time it has  included other creative history projects such as Fibro Coast, a joint project of Gold Coast City Gallery and University of Sunshine Coast, and Now and Then, a creative history project to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Gympie, Queensland, Australia, as well as some personal projects.  The focus has broadened to include more general content about creative approaches to museums and history as well as a record of my involvement in creative history projects as an artist and curator.

Use the ‘Categories’ tabs to find your way to documentation of various projects and find more general content in the ‘Uncategorised’ section.

Judy Barrass


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