Make Your Mark! Tell Us About Gympie’s History Now and Then.

Make Your Mark! Tell Us About Gympie’s History Now and Then.


robinmapAs part of his contribution to the ‘Now and Then’ exhibition Robin Hines has made a series of large scale maps of historic precincts in Gympie. The maps will be on display in the foyer of Gympie Regional Gallery for the duration of the exhibition. Visitors to the gallery are invited to take up a pen or pencil and contribute their stories, drawings, reminiscences or knowledge to the map.

Robin hopes the maps will become a collaborative and fun mixture of personal memories, historical facts and perhaps stories none of us knew. To get the ball rolling he’s collected some interesting snippets from past copies of the Gympie Times and added them to the map, but he hopes others will contribute drawings, photos, and recollections to from Now, the present time and from Then, the past to make the map a living document of the Gympie township.




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