Welcome to Creative Histories

Creative Histories is a project of Queensland artist Judy Barrass. It seeks to connect artists with  museums and collections in a partnership that creates fresh ways of interpreting, commenting on or presenting history.

This blog will be used as a resource base to document various projects and investigate what happens when artists focus their attention on collections, museums and historical places. It is also intended as a resource for museums who may be interested in the processes, who seek information or advice on working with artists to renew or invigorate the interface between history and the general community.

The project has grown out of a long term interest in and connection with historical places and collections and several projects on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Judy is currently working on a major project ‘Collective Insites’ which brings together five artists  to work with five collections in the historic town of Maryborough. As curator of this project she is keen to develop a long term working partnership between the artists, the historical collections and the local art gallery, Gatakers Artspace.

Judy’s work is informed by her history as an artist whose major focus has been on place. In this Creative Histories project she is also working closely with Fiona Mohr, who is Regional Museum Development Officer with the Queensland Museum. Fiona brings her knowledge and expertise in museums and collections to the project. Her creative background and an interest in fresh approaches to collections fuels her interest and adds to the project.


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  2. #2 by Christine Turner on January 31, 2011 - 11:43 pm

    As one of the artists selected for this project, I would like to thank Judy and Fiona for delivering a most interesting workshop. It was good to meet the other artists and by day two we were starting to feel more comfortable with each other. We are all very different artists, but we share a common enthusiasm for our work and I trust this will drive the project forward in a very positive way.

    I met with my gracious host, Elizabeth at MAVISBANK. She and husband Patrick have an amazing collection, one that is in many ways quite personal, as their museum is their home also. My initial feelings are that my work will not only have to relate to some of the the myriad of interesting objects to be found at MAVISBANK, but it will also need to honour the collection’s creators.

    Christine Turner

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