Our Final Two Artists Join the Group

Meaghan Shelton
Meaghan Shelton in the office at the Woodworking Museum

In October artists Meaghan Shelton and Barb Hart joined the project.

Meaghan ‘hit the ground running’ with a residency at the Woodworks Museum  on a very busy and very noisy open day. There were saws buzzing and steam engines clattering and breathing and Meaghan created a good deal of interest sitting in the Mill Manager’s office creating crocheted items for her installation. You will have to wait for the exhibition to see just what she is crocheting and how she is going to install it. Thank you to the Museum for hosting Meaghan on the day.



Barb Hart


Also joining the group in October was Barb Hart, who had recently returned from an extended trip in North America. Barb also attended the open day at the Woodworks Museum and came away with a stash of  wood she rescued from the steam boilers that will be incorporated into several works for the exhibition.


Meaghan and Barb discussing ideas for the exhibition
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