Studio Visit – Rhonda Rettke

Rhonda Rettke Studio
Rhonda Rettke in her studio

It’s always an enjoyable experience to visit an artist’s studio, to see where artworks are made. Seeing the works complete under lights in the white box environment of the art gallery doesn’t prepare us for the  seemingly jumbled chaos of the place where they were produced.

Now and Then artist Rhonda Rettke has a large light-filled studio that takes up the entire bottom floor of the house she shares with her husband on their property outside Gympie.  In keeping with the theory that things will expand to fit the available space she has amassed an amazing collection of tools, equipment and materials that would take many hours to explore and enjoy. The flower filled and much loved garden spills into the studio from many windows and doors giving her a peaceful place to work on her textile creations.

Rhonda Rettke studio


Rhonda Rettke studio

Amongst the chaos Rhonda’s collection of vintage miniature sewing machines was a wonderful sight to a fellow collector of sewing equipment. The gem of the collection was a Vulcan that had been given to Rhonda as a child. I don’t think there are many who would still have the box in almost mint condition.

Rhonda Rettke studio
Part of Rhonda’s collection of vintage miniature sewing machines

Rhonda Rettke

Rhonda’s wry sense of humour and  love for the everyday is on show in the works she has prepared for Now and Then. We’ve agreed to not put up full images until closer to the exhibition, but here is a teaser. See if you can guess what object from the museum inspired this felt creation.

Rhonda Rettke

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